Custom Luggage Tags

Custom Luggage Tags

TAGGS-R-US, your #1 NZ supplier of specialist luggage tag products.

Selling a full compliment of luggage tags to the industry and businesses in NZ and overseas. Some manufacturing is done in our offices in Auckland but the majority of our luggage tags are made overseas. Our leading luggage tag products are usually made from laminated plastic cards. Here are a list of our best selling luggage tags. Please call or email for more details

1) Personalised iT@g (orange/black ones matt x4)

2) iT@g (hertz x2)

3) Tour T@g (maher x2)

4) @Lt Tag (boys trip / IES / Tours Direct & TRENDS)

More info available on our TRADEME, Luggage Tag page (click & link)

The luggage tags at the top of the images below are our best luggage tags ever. These were personalised with the travelers name, pre-printed inside. This was for an PCO in Australia and the tags were attached to the travelers bag with a cable tie. Have to love the matt / gloss print effect on the front.

NZ Owned & Operated

Taggs R Us is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. We have plenty of plain stock on hand (dispatch overnight) and deliver custom orders in about a week or less. Our first order was processed back in 2006!

Speed Service & Delivery

We operate a quick and efficient speedy service. Speed service doesn’t just mean quick delivery, it also means prompt communication and order processing efficiency.

High Quality Products

We only stock high quality premium products so you can bet you’re getting the best goods and service.

10+ Years Experience

We are one of the original Tyvek Wristbands supplier in New Zealand with over 10 years experience (est 2006).

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